What details are included in my invoice?

Your monthly invoice is divided into the following sections:

  1. Amount Due is how much you are being charged this month.

  2. Billing Summary breaks down your invoice into your total ICHRA reimbursements, platform fees, and discounts.

  3. Invoice Details provides additional information about your invoice, including the service date and a description of the invoice.

  4. Deposit Accounts details your previous and current balance of your prepaid premium account.

  5. Itemized Billing Details provides more information about each employee’s total insurance premiums, Health Wallet disbursements, platform fees, and discounts.

  6. Employee Wallet Balance provides information about each employee’s Health Wallet account, including their starting balance for the month, contributions made, distributions issued for qualified medical expenses, and ending balance.

  7. Payroll Supplement details deductions made to the paychecks of employees whose premiums exceed their pre-tax contribution. You can download this report by clicking the “Export Withholdings” button on the right.

Please contact us at customer@venteur.com with any questions or concerns about your invoice.

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