What documentation do I need to provide for my Health Wallet reimbursements?

Funds in your Health Wallet can be used to reimburse you for your health insurance premiums (including Medicare) and other qualified medical expenses

To receive reimbursement for prepaid health insurance premiums (including Medicare), please provide us with documentation which lists the name of all covered individuals, the name of the plan, and the total monthly premium. Additionally, please provide us with proof of payment such as a confirmation email, a bank statement, or a credit card receipt. 

Appropriate documentation for qualified medical expenses--such as prescriptions, co-pays, doctor's bills, and medical devices--include an itemized receipt or explanation of benefits showing the date of service or purchase, who the service was rendered to, the specific services rendered, and the amount paid. Additionally, please provide proof of payment such as a bank statement or receipt. In some cases, a letter from a medical professional may also be required to verify that the expense was medically necessary. 

Step by step instructions on how to submit documents for your Health Wallet can be found here.

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