How do I update my employee roster?

In order to make updates to your roster within the Venteur app after integrating Finch, please follow the steps below.

NOTE: The specific functionality available depends on Finch’s integration with each employment system. For the most up-to-date information on systems Finch syncs with, please visit the Finch website.

  1. Navigate to the “Linked Accounts” tab from the Setting sub-menu. 


  2. Click the Sync button to get the most up-to-date records from your employment system. 


  3. While syncing is in progress, the sync button will be disabled and the status will indicate “Syncing.” Please be patient, this may take a few moments. 


  4. Once successfully synced, the Employee Updates table will populate with your entire employee roster. will populate with all employees who have changes. Check that everything looks good, then select all and apply the changes.  



    To update individual employees, click the 3 dots menu under Actions and Apply or Reject the changes as needed. 


  5. For more specific information about any update, click the employee’s name under the ID column. This will direct you to a details page where you can see the updated information for that employee. Head to the Changes tab to view the previous and proposed values for each update. In this example, the employee’s pay period is set to Hourly in Venteur, but Yearly in the employment system. 


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