How Do I Update My Account Settings?

You can update your Account Settings (personal information, contact details, communication preferences) in the Venteur app.

The menu options in the column to the left will allow you to view specific, current information about your account. In order to change any of your information, click on your name at the bottom of this column.

login menu.png


After you click your name, click the "Settings" icon next to the Gear logo in the menu that appears.


Settings menu.png


This will navigate you to, where you can update essential personal details, including setting your communication notifications.


Change settings menu.png


To update your communication preferences (how and when we will contact you), click Notifications from this menu. Select which notifications you want to receive and where to receive them (SMS text messages or email).


Please note that many of your personal details directly affect your coverage and pricing, so reach out to if you need further assistance.

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