How can I access my Venteur invoice?

ARTICLE: How can I access my Venteur invoice?

Venteur serves as your company's ICHRA plan administrator. In addition to a one-time onboarding fee, Venteur will bill your business each month for the following:

  • Monthly administrative fee for each employee participating in the ICHRA
  • Total ICHRA allowance amount for all participating employees
  • Any excess premium amount Venteur Insurance Services paid on behalf of your employees
  • Health Wallet reimbursements for employees’ approved qualified medical expenses

Venteur will make the appropriate employee payroll deductions on your behalf to cover any differences between health plan premium amounts and the ICHRA allowance amount.

Accessing your invoice

  1. From your home page on, navigate to the Payments tab on the left. 


  2. Each invoice will be listed, along with its service period, paid status, and the amount of the invoice. 


    Click on the invoice you wish to open. 

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