What metal tier should I get?

You should consider a Bronze plan if:

  • You rarely get sick or need medical services, apart from an annual checkup and maybe a medication or two.
  • You are very healthy and not elderly.
  • If buying a family plan, your children are grown and healthy and don’t participate in risky activities.
  • You would rather pay a lower monthly premium, even if it means more unpredictable out-of-pocket spending. 
  • You are interested in maximizing your monthly contributions to your Health Wallet. 

You should consider a Silver plan if:

  • Your family members have one or two mild conditions that require some medication and specialist visits, but nothing needing close monitoring or frequent care.
  • Your family members are able-bodied and under 70.
  • Any kids are elementary age or older and healthy, and play few or no sports that often cause injury.

You should consider a Gold plan if:

  • You or a family member has a chronic condition, sees doctors frequently or needs expensive medication that would be impossible to afford out of pocket.
  • Your children are preschool age or younger, needing frequent pediatrician visits.
  • You may be older or at a higher risk for colds and flu than most people.

You should consider a Platinum plan if:

  • You or a family member has an expensive chronic condition and takes several medications.
  • You seek urgent or emergency care more than once per year on average, frequently need exams to manage a condition or see doctors more than once per month.
  • You are older or at very high risk for colds, flu, or injuries.
  • You would rather experience more predictable out-of-pocket spending, even if it means a higher monthly premium.
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