How can I ensure my doctors are in-network?

You can use Venteur's provider search to look up your preferred medical providers and exclude plans which they do not accept. 

We also always recommend that you verify which individual insurance plans your preferred medical provider accepts by calling their office or looking on their website.


Your provider may sometimes list only group plans and may not specific the difference between individual and group plans. Due to this, you must specify to them that you are verifying coverage for the individual plan type of the specific carrier. Ex. UnitedHealthCare Choice, a group plan vs UnitedHealthCare X-Copay Focus, an individual plan.


In case of an emergency, you can go to any emergency room. If you get emergency care from an out-of-network hospital, they must charge your "in-network" rates. They also can’t require you to get prior approval before getting emergency room services from a provider or hospital outside your plan’s network.

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