What is Form 1095-B?

Form 1095-B is a required IRS form that serves as proof of Minimum Essential Coverage. Under federal regulations, it is the responsibility of insurance "providers" to send out 1095-B forms.

In the ICHRA context, the health insurance carrier that your employee has selected sends out the 1095-B notice. They are typically sent out in late January-early February. Venteur will work with you to inform your employees that they should look out for this document and what to do if they haven't received their 1095-B notice.

Form 1095-B is typically submitted as part of an individual's tax return. Employees should consult a tax professional should they need additional guidance.

The IRS created Form 1095-B to fulfill the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. That law requires Americans to have a basic level of health insurance in place, referred to as Minimum Essential Coverage. All employees that participate in a Venteur-administered ICHRA satisfy this requirement. 

Please be advised that if your employees opt out of your ICHRA plan and do not have Minimum Essential coverage, they may be subject to penalties and fines (especially employees living in California, the District of Columbia, Massachussets, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont). 

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