Are ICHRAs subject to COBRA?

If your employer had at least twenty full-time and part-time employees in the past calendar year, then, yes, you are subject to COBRA. COBRA is generally offered for 18 months but can be extended for an additional 18 months in certain circumstances.

When is an employee eligible for COBRA?

An employee is eligible for COBRA if they were terminated for any reason other than gross misconduct or if their hours were reduced.

An employee's spouse and dependents are eligible for COBRA if the employee becomes eligible for Medicare, the employee dies, the spouse legally separates from or divorces the employee, or a dependent child turns 26. 

Note that the affected employee and their family members must have been covered by their company's ICHRA the day before the qualifying life event to qualify for COBRA coverage. 

How much will COBRA cost an employee?

If your employee elects COBRA coverage, Venteur will continue to pay their premiums to their insurance carriers and will invoice the employee the full amount of their premiums plus a 2% administrative fee. We will not charge you an administration fee.

How should we notify you that an employee may need COBRA coverage?
As soon as you know that an employee receiving ICHRA money is leaving your company, please contact us at

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