I just hired a new employee. How do I invite them to the Venteur platform?

Venteur admins can easily invite employees to Venteur's benefits platform.

  1. Click 'Employees' on the ribbon on the left. 


  2. Click "Add New"


  3. On the screen which pops up, provide the following details: 

    - First name
    - Last name
    - Personal email 
    - Work email (can be the same as the employee's personal email for now)
    - Date of birth (can be a best guess for now)
    - Gender
    - Pay Rate
    - Per Pay Period
    - Frequency of payroll
    - Employment start date
    - Full home address
    - Full work address (can be the same as the home address if the employee will work from home)

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click "Create".

  5. After creating your employee, send their invitation to the platform by clicking "Invite". In the invitation panel, you will be asked to provide the correct benefits start date. If the start date is too close to today's date, it may be difficult to get your employee enrolled in time. Please contact customer support to help you edit the employee's benefits start date and shopping window if necessary.
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